About Us

Lalit Chahar

About Us

Well, I go by the name Lalit Chahar. I am the founder of MiGBuzz.com where I review health product, books, place and more.

Very curious, Indians from Jhajjar, Haryana, post-graduate in HR and Marketing by qualification and a blogger by passion.

I am always ready to connect with you on any of the social channels that you see on the right. If you want to know more about me check here – Meet The Boy. You can also find me on InstagramTwitter or Facebook and we can continue this discussion there..:)


Who We Are

MiG Buzz is brand new online platform that offers users to upload and read latest exclusive content. Here the enthusiastic readers from around the world can unveil them. This is the platform where we will share our views and knowledge.. and where allows to share your views and knowledge. In others words, MiG Buzz is the friend who stands beside for publishers, brand agencies and individual content creators. Here we will cover about  case study, review, points of views and ideas, general knowledge and many more in many formats such as polls, quizzes, lists, video snippets, slideshows, and countdowns.. This list is endless.

  • By the Way MiG means Me.. MeBuzz (डेनिश भाषा का जुगाड़ लगाया और Me की जगह “MiG” रख दिया)


Who Use MiG Buzz

  • Content Creators
  • Publishers
  • Brand Agencies


Why MiG Buzz?

  • Interactive Formats
  • Unbiased
  • Language– English + Hindi + General Dialect (Some are interesting ☺)


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You want to ask or say anything to our team, feel free to contact us ..:)